Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A nature-friendly kitchen

     Light, bright colors, large spaces that communicate directly with the nature - this is how we could briefly characterize this kitchen located near the outside garden.

     Natural wood finish is discreet and beautiful, like fibers that we find everywhere in nature. The large, open space is responsible for setting all the furniture, which has created numerous storage spaces and work areas.

     The piece of resistance of this layout is the center kitchen island, the core of the preparation area. But this is not the only work surface; along the wall, the designers have designed another countertop, where we can find the stove and the kitchen sink. The kitchen sinks recommended for this kitchen would be stainless steel sinks, or light color natural stone sinks.

     The electric oven and numerous storage facilities don't occupy any space at all because the designers placed the two big cabinets in the side walls.


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